multimedia artist


Helga Schleeh is a Canadian multimedia artist exhibiting internationally, specializing in drawing, installation, clay,  paper and printmaking.

She also organizes workshops in art, music and spirituality, as well as teambuilding for organizations and businesses.

She has many local and international exhibitions to her credit, including exhibits in Beijing, New York, Miami, and Washington, DC. She has received numerous grants, including the Canada Council, Unesco, the Chalker’s foundation, the Charles Bronfman Foundation, and others.

            She has given workshops all over Canada and the US. She was the representative for Canada

for the first world wide exhibition of art on line and worked with the United Nations - both in New York

and in Montreal, using art for peace and for the environment. Her video on the beauty of the creation of the planet (sponsored by Unesco and the Canada Council), was featured at the 2005 Conference for the United Nations on Climate Change. Her exhibitions at the UN in New York in conjunction with her talks

on peace have affected people from all over the world. See www.fullcirclemandala.com for more info